The BEST collaborative is a unique freestanding group of approximately 140 manufacturers, clinicians and scientists committed to improving transfusion practice through international studies. The group is organised in 4 work teams (Conventional Components, Cellular Therapies, Clinical Transfusion Studies and Donor Studies), although members generally contribute across these groupings. Scientific membership is refreshed every 4 years, and the Associate Membership category provides an opportunity for young investigators to contribute. BEST members meet twice yearly to brainstorm new ideas for studies and to discuss work in progress. BEST is a highly productive group, with 95 publications in recent years. It provides a rare opportunity for transfusion practitioners to work with manufacturers on issues important to patient care.

To download a copy of our flyer describing the opportunities and benefits available, please click pdf  HERE .

For information about sponsoring BEST Collaborative, please contact The BEST Collaborative Chair, Michael Murphy, MD.